Stephen Reid


Stephen Reid is a passionate advocate of both play as a powerful learning mechanism, and technology as a tool for learning. He actively pioneered much of the work that has led to what is now widely recognized as the field of games-based learning, starting one of the world’s first game-based learning companies and am now considered a leader in this global field. He has spent almost 20 years researching, developing and refining curriculum content and pedagogical practices that transform learning for students and teachers worldwide. In his capacity as both an education consultant and Microsoft Program Manager, he travels extensively, working in over 60 countries on five continents. 

Stephen believes in the complete democratization and decolonization of education and that all learning should be a unique, relevant and meaningful experience, and so he designs lessons that draw students and teachers into environments and experiences that take place from farms and museums, to travelling classrooms in shipping containers, and entire curriculum rollout in Minecraft. Stephen has used Minecraft as a tool for teaching and social education for over ten years and has created some of the most well-known and impactful lessons available to educators worldwide.