Paraskevi Salavgia

Paraskevi Salavgia, Creator of self help Documentary ”Two sides of the same world”
Disability counselor (GR)

My name is Paraskevi Salavgia. And I’m always in a hurry! I was born 5.5 months old, just 995 grams. An accidentally intubated oxygen tube created the damage of cerebral palsy and left hemiplegia, but with a lot of work my disability passed into the realm of the invisible miraculously. But disability is not a penalty and I feel grateful to have it. She constantly regenerates me and teaches me! She taught me that laughter is therapeutic and necessary for everyday life. This introduced me to the world of joke therapy. An emotional release technique that you discover your inner child through laughter! She also taught me that the art of dance has a magical release of unlocking your body and letting go of your parts by shaking them off.

I love self-improvement books. I think it is useful for all people to work with themselves. Our world would be a more beautiful place. And my rush continues, and I have already graduated from the Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and from ASPAITE as a consultant. I am the creator of the film ”One World, Two Sides” an Autobiographical Social Awareness Documentary. Author of a children’s Christmas story, a self-cognitive and inclusive story, and a book on self-awareness and… many others not yet announced. I like observing people. Their eyes hide stories we can’t even imagine.
One of the most important things I was asked to do in this life was to get in touch with myself.
To look him in the eye, with deep compassion, love, and care.

Photo Credits: Nikoleta Vainali