Nathalie Bondil


An internationally renowned museologist and art historian, this Franco-Canadian has directed the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (2007-2020), where she has led several major expansion projects that have led to its local, national and international influence. She has initiated, produced and exported numerous intercultural and interdisciplinary exhibitions in the fields of art, music, fashion and cinema. In the field of arts education and health research, she is recognized for her social and inclusive commitment to museums and her concept of “museotherapy”, which she pursues with the Université de Montréal and the École du Louvre, Paris. Vice-Chair of the Canada Council for the Arts (2014-2021), now member of the Board of Directors of ICOM-France, she is the recipient of numerous awards and doctorates in Canada and France. She has joined the Institut du monde arabe in 2021 as Director of the Museum and Exhibitions, in charge of redesigning the “New IMA Museum” initiated by Jack Lang, whose collection of modern and contemporary art has been enriched by 1,800 works thanks to the major donation by Claude and France Lemand.

Copyright for photo: 2019, Max Abadian