Marina Tsekou

Marina Tsekou, Education Curator, EMST | National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (GR)

Marina Tsekou is Education Curator at the EMST | National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens. Her work is driven by the desire to offer equal opportunities for access to art and culture for young people and social groups from diverse backgrounds. Among others, she developed and leads the EMST Without Borders participatory programme which includes collaboration with other social, cultural and educational institutions and the Face Forward … into my home, an interactive art project in collaboration with UNHCR, which gives refugees the opportunity to speak about themselves, their lives and culture while promotes inter-cultural understanding and mutual respect. With a background in Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy, her interests are focused on Contemporary Art Education, Accessibility, Participation and Intercultural Communication.

She currently is the Secretary of the Hellenic Committee of the International Council of Museums ICOM.  

Photo credit: Ioannis Vastardis

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