Kathrin Pabst

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Dr Kathrin Pabst is a German ethnologist, researcher, author, and speaker. She is currently on leave from her position as Head of the Scientific Department at the Vest-Agder Museum in Kristiansand, Norway, to lead “Identity on the Line,” an international, EU-funded large-scale cooperation project between museums and museums professionals in seven European countries, working together to explore the long-term consequences of forced migration, war and trauma. She has broad experience in both practical and theoretical sides of working with challenging, sensitive, or taboo-related subjects and holds a Ph.D. in professional ethics. Her doctoral dissertation focused on moral challenges museum employees might face when working with difficult topics involving external cooperation, and she has published several articles as well as the book «Museum Ethics in Practice» on the topic. She is a former Board member and Chair of ICOM Norway, and is now the Chair for ICOMs International Committee on Ethical Dilemmas, IC Ethics.