Kassandra Marinopoulou

Sandra Marinopoulou was born in Athens, Greece. Sandra graduated in Business Administration and Marketing from the American College of Greece. She then launched a niche advertising agency, specializing in private label products and television commercials. 

In 2008, Sandra became President of the Board of the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, Greece.The Museum is dedicated to the study and promotion of ancient  Aegean and Cyprus civilizations, with special emphasis on Cycladic Art of the third millennium BC. Her main goals were to reach younger audiences, to enhance the museum’s worldwide recognition as well as to establish it as a place of dialogue between different communities for the purpose of education, research, and recreation. 

Upon her appointment, the Museum of Cycladic Art included in its temporary archaeological exhibitions’ program a series of exhibitions on modern and contemporary art in dialogue with archaeology. Her aim was to familiarize the public with important twentieth and twenty-first century artists and to explore relations between Greek antiquity with modern as well as contemporary art. 

Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens: