Eva Michailidou

Eva Michailidou, Dance therapist, Dance teacher, Dancer, Exis Inclusive Dance Company (GR)

Eva Michailidou is a graduate of the D. Grigoriadou Higher Professional Dance School and the Greek Dance Therapists Association’s Three-Year Dance Therapy Training Program. She worked for ‘Skytali’, the dance introduction and education programme for Primary Schools in Greece, for two years, and is currently a member of the inclusive dance group ‘EXIS’. She works as a dance and body percussion instructor at the Ison Dance Theatre – a Space for Inclusive Education and Artistic Expression of disabled and non-disabled artists. She is a ballet, modern dance and traditional Greek dance instructor. As part of her training at the Greek Dance Therapists Association, Eva undertook her internship in various public mental health institutions (Psychiatric Hospital of Attica, Children’s Hospital, Child Psychiatric Clinic). 

Eva is an external partner at “To Litharaki” Day Care Center for children, at the General Children’s Hospital of Athens “Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou”. She currently works as a dance therapist at the Child, Adolescent, Family & Human Resource Development Center “Anima”, in individual sessions with children with pervasive developmental disorders and at the special therapy center “Therapaizando”, in individual and group sessions with children. She has studied piano, music theory and singing. 

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