Catherine Devine


Catherine Devine leads strategy at Microsoft for the Libraries and Museum sector globally, as part of the Microsoft Tech for Social Impact team. Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact is focused on supporting digital transformation of non-profits throughout the world.

In this role, her goal is to leverage technology to further the missions of Libraries and Museums globally in attracting visitors, optimizing the visitor experience, supporting research, serving the community, improving operations and exploring emerging opportunities for Libraries and Museums as their role is defined in a continually changing world.

Prior to joining Microsoft, and following a long career in technology, Catherine joined the Museum sector in 2011 as Chief Digital Officer at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. In that position, she led the digital transformation of the Museum.

Catherine has had a lifelong love and interest in technology and its ability to optimize outcomes across all aspects of life and society. Catherine lives in Seattle, USA but is originally from Sydney, Australia, holding a BA in Business (Accounting) from the University of Technology, Sydney and an MSc in Business Analytics (Data Science) from Syracuse University.