Andromache Gazi

Andromache Gazi, Professor of Museology, Director of the MA “Cultural Management, Communication and Media”, Department of Communication, Media and Culture
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens (GR)

Andromache has a 30-year-long and wide-ranging experience in the museum field. She has curated a plethora of exhibitions in museums of all types, has acted as a consultant in numerous museum/cultural projects, and has been actively involved in developing digital apps in museums and beyond. She has a keen interest in all forms of interpretation and interpretive media in the field of cultural heritage and is a specialist in museum text. Recent projects include the co-curation of the Maria Callas Museum in Athens and planning the Digital Centre for Audiovisual Heritage in Patras, Greece.

A member of the Museum Council and the National Scientific Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage, Andromache holds degrees in Archaeology and Museum Studies from the Universities of Thessaloniki (BA), Cambridge (MPhil) and Leicester (PhD).