Anders Bettum

Anders Bettum, Senior Curator, Oslo Museum; Coordinator of the National Museum Network of Minorities and Diversity; Associate Professor, University of Oslo (Norway)

Anders Bettum works as Senior Curator at an arena of Oslo Museum known as the Intercultural Museum, located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods of downtown Oslo (Norway). He is the research coordinator of Oslo Museum and directs the National Museum Network of Minorities and Diversity. Bettum holds a PhD in Comparative Religion from the University of Oslo and has broad interests in the field of humanities, including ancient Egyptian funerary customs, post-colonial studies, migration history, participatory methodology, and future studies. In addition to his position at the museum, Bettum holds a part-time position as Associate Professor at the University of Oslo, where he teaches museology and cultural history.

Photo credit: Fredrik Birkelund/Oslo Museum

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