Anastasiia Cherednychenko

Anastasiia Cherednychenko Ph.D., historian, museologist, Chair of the ICOM Ukraine.

Historian and museologist with experience in Ukrainian cultural heritage with a focus on the history of the Ukrainian Soviet Republic, museums, and monument protection system under the Soviet regime. Author of over 30 publications dedicated to the history of museums, the scientific community of USSR 1920–1930.

Managed projects for digitalization accounting and further presentation of movable objects of the Ukrainian cultural heritage and archival documents within international standards in order to create a meaningful digital infrastructure. 

Organized, launched, and managed a training program for the professionalization and development of competencies in “ProMuseum” and “Cult or Culture”. Initiated and established collaborations with foreign colleagues which resulted in launching training programs and hands-on workshops for the museum experts.

April 2015— present, NGO Center for Museum Development; 2004—present National Preserve “Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra”; February 2022—present, Museum Department at Mystetskyi Arsenal; December 2022 – Chair of the ICOM Ukraine.