Alessia Fassone


Alessia Fassone is Curator in the Museo Egizio, Turin since 2014, and she is in charge of the Ptolemaic, Late Antique and Byzantine sections. She graduated in Egyptology at the University of Turin (MA), and she also achieved the certificate of Specialization in Archeology (M.Phil.).

She took part in a number of campaigns on archaeological excavations in Italy and in Egypt. For about ten years she has been a member of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Alexandria, Egypt, with an active role in the field activities, in the excavation and study of the archaeological materials of the sites of Nelson Island (Alexandria – Egypt) and Bahrain (Western Desert – Egypt), in cooperation with the University of Turin.

As an Egyptological Expert at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she was involved in the project “Grand Egyptian Museum – Giza”, at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, in 2004. She worked for about fifteen years as a guide in the Museo Egizio, as a teacher of Italian and biblical Hebrew, and as a collaborator of the Piedmont Superintendence for the Cultural Heritage in the Museo Egizio storerooms.

Museo Egizio, Turin