ΑΘΗΝΑ, 17 ΟΚΤ 2013
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Ο ρόλος του µουσείου έχει εξελιχθεί από την αρχική του λειτουργία ως χώρος συλλογής και έκθεσης αντικειµένων τέχνης και ευρηµάτων φυσικής ιστορίας σε κάτι πολύ ευρύτερο: ένα ανοιχτό πανεπιστήµιο, ένα πολιτιστικό κέντρο, ένας χώρος κοινωνικών εκδηλώσεων, ένα µνηµείο πολιτικής και πολιτιστικής υπερηφάνειας.

Στο τρίτο ετήσιο συνέδριο πάνω στις πρακτικές διοίκησης των µουσείων, επιµελητές και διοικητικό προσωπικό µουσείων και πολιτιστικών οργανισµών, εκπαιδευτικοί και καλλιτέχνες συναντώνται για να συζητήσουν τις νέες εξελίξεις στον χώρο των εκπαιδευτικών προγραµµάτων στην Ευρώπη και στη Βόρειο Αµερική.


Διευθυντής Τμήματος Εκθέσεων και Τμήματος Πληροφορικής, UK
Διαχειρίστρια Ψηφιακών Προγραμμάτων, Victoria & Albert Museum, Υπεύθυνη Ανάπτυξης Νέων Μέσων Τέχνης, Watermans
Αντιπρόεδρος Εκπαιδευτικών Προγραμμάτων για την Προσχολική Ηλικία, Boston Children’s Museum
Edward John Noble Foundation Αναπληρώτρια Διεθύντρια Εκπαίδευσης, Museum of Modern Art


Dan Bird

Exhibitions and IT Director,

Dan Bird is the Exhibitions and IT Director for At-Bristol a UK based Science Centre. He joined at-Bristol in 2006 having spent the previous 12 years working in Techniquest a science centre in Wales. Leading a creative team of engineers, designers and education professionals he works to create innovative exhibition experiences for At-Bristol and clients around the world. Recent advances in technology have been used to extend the science centre experience. The ‘Explore More’ initiative has been applied to various projects with some encouraging results. Dan recently completed a Noyce Leadership Fellowship with a focus on developing community relationships.
Dan lives in Wales with his family and with time and weather permitting they enjoy walking and rock climbing.

Irini Papadimitriou

Digital Programmes Manager,
Victoria & Albert Museum &
Head of New Media Arts Development,

Irini Papadimitriou is Digital Programmes Manager at the Victoria & Albert Museum, programming activities and events for visitors of all ages, from electronics workshops and fun family-friendly interactives to 3D printing, tinkering and digital design. She is mainly responsible for programmes such as the annual Digital Design Weekend, a big-scale event of interactive installations, open and collaborative workshops, artists’ presentations and talks, showing digital art and design projects and offering audiences the opportunity to meet the artists & makers and explore processes. Themes have included Making and Technology, Gesture & Communication, Collaborations in Art, Design & Science. Another one of her projects is the monthly Digital Futures, an open lab event for students, researchers and creative industries practitioners, offering a space to network, share innovative projects, but also to nurture discussion and future collaborations between participants; and the monthly Digital Design Drop-in, a show & tell and pop up studio event in the V&A galleries presenting projects on the intersections of art, design, craft and technology.
Irini is also Head of New Media Arts Development at Watermans, an arts organisation with long history and commitment in presenting innovative work and supporting artists working with technology, where she is curating the exhibition programme. She was also one of the organisers for London’s first Mini Maker Faire in July 2013, a day of making, learning, inventing and tinkering.

Jeri Robinson

Vice President of Early Childhood Initiatives,
Boston Children’s Museum,

Jeri Robinson is Vice President of Early Childhood Initiatives at the Boston Children’s Museum. She brings more than 40 years of experience in teaching and consulting in the fields of early childhood and museum education. She is the developer of the PlaySpace exhibit, (one of the earliest prototypes for early learning family spaces in children’s and other museums), founder of the Boston Cultural Collaborative for Early Learning and co-founder of both Families First Parenting programs and “CountDown to Kindergarten.” For many years, she has provided training and consultation to schools, early child programs, museums and other organizations. Ms. Robinson received her B.S., M.S. Ed. and an honorary Doctorate in Education from Wheelock College, and serves on numerous boards dealing with family, community, multicultural, and early childhood education issues. In recognition of her work, Ms. Robinson has received numerous awards including the Wheelock Centennial Award, the Boston Parents Paper Family Advocate Award, the Women Who Care Award, the Lucy Wheelock Award, the Martha MCowden Collaboration Award and the Abigail Elliot Award. Jeri was a 2004 participant in the Schott Fellowship in Early Care and Education (Public Policy), a program of the Schott Center for Public and Early Education, Cambridge MA, and in 2005, she was named to the American Association of Museums, Centennial Honor Roll, in recognition of her contributions to the museum field in the past century.
Publications include:
Activities for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
PLAYSPACE: Creating Family Spaces in Public Spaces Planning for the very Young: Excellence and Equity in Preschool Activities at Science Museums

Wendy Woon

Edward John Noble Foundation
Deputy Director for Education,
Museum of Modern Art

Wendy Woon is the Edward John Noble Foundation Deputy Director for Education at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and has over thirty years of award-winning experience in museum education. At MoMA she oversees all areas of MoMA Education, and has focused on transforming museum education practice for the 21st century. She has initiated, led and participated in cross-institutional leadership initiatives that are key to MoMA’s future. Before joining MoMA in 2006, she was Director of Education at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago for ten years, starting in 1995, upon the opening of the new MCA building and Education Center, and oversaw the expansion of new programming for people of all ages. Woon taught and advised at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in both the Master of Arts in Art Education and Museum Administration Programs.
She is currently an adjunct professor for New York University’s Graduate program in Visual Arts Administration and teaches Art Education in Museums as a laboratory class. In addition, she has experience as an animator, filmmaker, curator, and museum and curriculum consultant. She has presented nationally and internationally at the Museu de Arte Moderna Rio de Janeiro; the 8th Mercosul Biennial in Porto Allegre, Brazil; the Universidad Iberoamericana in Puebla, Mexico; and at The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. She gave the 4th Annual Samuel H. Kress Foundation Lecture on Museum Education at The Frick Collection in 2012, and participated in the 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival. She is a member of the Thirteen/WLIW Community Advisory Board and The Visiting Committee of The J. Paul Getty Museum.